Historical Betting Trends for the Detroit Red Wings

A devoted fanbase and 11 Stanley Cup wins define the Detroit Red Wings. How have the Red Wings fared in betting for hockey fans? Explore historical trends.

Moneyline Magic and Dominant Days

The Red Wings were dominant in the late 1990s and early 2000s. They routinely covered the puck line and offered a reliable moneyline as heavy favorites. They were popular because of their predictability, but the odds showed their domination.

Upset Alerts and Rebuilding Years

Red Wings haven’t competed for Stanley Cups recently. It changed their betting value. They still pull off upsets, but their record makes them less reliable. Bettors who can find advantageous matches or exploit inflated odds on the underdog Red Wings may benefit.

A Tale of Two Cities (or Arenas)

The Red Wings haven’t scored much lately. At home in defensive-minded Little Caesars Arena, “under” wagers on total goals scored may be more appealing. In games with high-octane opponents, the “over” may be appealing.


Hockey gamblers can learn from the Detroit Red Wings’ betting history. Understanding these trends, from near-guaranteed wins to potential underdog value and strategic over/under plays, can make watching the Red Wings play more exciting. When betting on the Red Wings, remember that history can help, but hockey usually surprises.