Playing Slot Online in Indonesia is More Popular than Betting on Ice Hockey Games

ice hockey competitionIn Indonesia, ice hockey betting is hardly as popular as playing a slot online, despite the gambling prohibition imposed by a predominantly Muslim nation. Although the country has a national ice hockey team, the players are mostly expatriates or scions of wealthy Indonesian families who grew up or studied in hockey countries where they trained and practised on ice rinks meant for the sport.

In contrast, engaging in online gambling is both entertaining and lucrative for many Indonesians. Moreso now that they can play a video slot online in the privacy of their home and with the security provided by Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Besides, the current trend in slot development nowadays is to create games that have high Return to Player (RTP) percentages and by making Big Wins highly possible for slot players.

In doing so, patrons of online gambling websites will have the best playing experience instead of winding up a gaming session frustrated and empty-handed.

In a country where there is a great divide between ordinary income earners and rich folks, ice rinks in malls are not the popular choices of entertainment. Simple living Indonesians find it easier and more rewarding to recreate with slot games that offer real money as prizes.

A strategy often recommended by savvy slot players is to play with slot games that have high RTP.

What Exactly is the Return to Player Aspect of a Slot Game and How Does It Work?

Return to Player or RTP is stated in slot games in terms of percentage. eg: 98%, 97%, 96% or 95%. The figure denotes the amount of prize money that a slot player could rake-in for every dollar or rupiah wagered as bets on the game. A 96% bet means an Indonesian player’s bet can yield as much 0.96 cents on every Rupiah placed as bet on each spin.

online gamblingwith real moneyHowever, it should be clear that the RTP percentage is only theoretical as it is calculated by developers based on a certain period of time by which a slot game is played and not on a per game basis. Let’s say an online casino customer decides to shift to another game that other casino customers have been playing with for a long time, it’s possible for the most recent player to reach the RTP threshold that will produce a reward equivalent to 95% of the amount placed as bets on the game.

Another strategy in choosing a slot game is to first understand how the payouts, the reward- boosting features and the special symbols work. Do this by first playing on the demo version of the game to give you an idea about the volatility or tendency of the game to take time in yielding big prizes.